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Writing Fiction by Lea Schizas


    This is a 4-week intensive course but through the ease of this e-book, you have the leisure of finishing it at your own pace. We will explore three important elements that make up a story, elements derived from the Greeks hundreds of years ago and still stands as crucial components to any story:

Beginning, Middle, and The End. 

    By the end of this e-course, you will have completed a 1500 word short story, honed, tightened, edited and ready to submit to one of the publications, or one of your choice, supplied in Lesson 4.

    Do you have a passion for dark and mysterious characters? Do you find yourself underneath the covers with every creak in the house? Do you dream about faraway planets? A little bit of Mother Goose in your bones?

    Mystery, Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Children stories, it doesn’t matter. By the end of this e-course, you will have a complete 1500 word short story to submit to a publishing venue, one you have been yearning to write but needed a push in the right direction.

    I will take you down the road to three important steps making up a complete story:


We'll explore what makes for a captivating beginning.

How to build your character to allow the reader to connect with them.

Lesson Two:   THE MIDDLE

We'll strive to understand how obstacles/subplots strengthen a character's plight and prods the reader to continue the read.

Lesson Three: THE END

We'll finalize and analyze what makes for a satisfying ending.


How to research the right market for your story.

     This e-Book is available for ONLY $20.00 and comes with an open invitation to email me with any questions

you may have...  There is no editing services attached to this offer.

BUY NOW FOR ONLY $20.00 Once payment is received, your ebook will be sent to you. Make sure to place your email within your Paypal payment.