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  Bragging Rites Yahoo Group is now open for membership. This group is for bragging rites, announcing writers services,    newsletters, publication venues, book review and interview requests, and so much more. This group is for both readers and  writers to get to know one another, to find out the newest releases and get to meet the authors.  

   Every day is a bragging rite and writing announcements to promote and help fellow writers. Thursdays and Fridays are  reserved for ‘by invitation only’ publishers and their authors to promote their books and publishing houses. 

   To register for membership, simply go here:




Angel in a Bubble

Written and Illustrated by Melisa Eyuboglu

Published by Guardian Angel

Guardian angels are being turned into bubbles! Join Alison and her pets—a golden retriever, a deer, and a mouse—as they cross forests, hike mountains, and climb rainbows in order to find God and help the angels. An adventurous, mythical journey!

   Author/ Illustrator Melisa Eyuboglu is nine years old. She loves   playing the violin, writing, illustrating, reading, and shopping. Her favorite book is Bunnicula. She dreams of becoming either a veterinarian or a violinist one day. Playing with Amigo, her golden retriever, is one of her best pastimes. 



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