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Muse Links

Below are all the links connected with the MuseItUp Club for you to explore and request membership.

Apollo's Lyre

to sign up for our free newsletter:


Bragging Rites

for readers and writers


Junior Muse Mentorship Group

For kids 17 and under. Several writers available to help mentor your writing.


Muse Conference Group

An online group full of writers helping out with resources, writing help, and writing discussions.


The Muse Online Writers Conference

for more information on our annual writers conference:

To register:


Musing Our Children

Writers united to offer the benefits of reading and writing to our children




The Muse Book Reviews


The Muse Marquee


The Muse Unleashed

A FREE newsletter filled with behind-the-scenes discussions within the private walls of The MuseItUp Club and more.


Workshop Announcements

An announcement only group informing members of our upcoming FREE workshops



Muse Peer Awards