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The Muse Peer Awards
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2006 Award Winners

2006 Award Winners

The Muse Peer Awards: winners of last year's nominated catagories:

Kathe and Ray Gogolewski's TRI-STUDIO website!


Congratulations to Kathe and Ray Gogolewski for their continued support in offering readers and writers a forum for their entertainment and education.
Congratulations to our runner-up: Jo Linsdell who came in a close second.

This award goes to Jo Linsdell's As The Romans Do


Congratulations, Jo.
Congratulations go out to Alyice Edrich for coming in a very close second.

Nancy Cavanaugh's Fandangle Magazine


Congratulations, Nancy, for a fantastic magazine for parents and children alike.
I'd also like to extend a congratulations to the Editors of The Muse Marquee who came in a close second.

Congratulations go out to both of these gentlemen. You both tied in votes. I'd also like to thank everyone who voted for me but I had already disqualified myself as founder of the MuseItUp Club.


Ray Gogolewski is the moderator of the MuseItUp Club's Flash Fiction Success Group. Each week Ray hands in a prompt and a publication venue to his members. The dedication of his weekly critiques, offering encouragement and help to everyone has been noted and appreciated by one and all. Ray is also co-founder of Tri-Studios and The Flying Fiction newsletter. Congrats, Ray!


Mike Kechula is the moderator for the Sci-fi/Fantasy critique group The Fellowship. Mike has and always is there for his members, offering advice and critiques to help their writing. Last year, Mike started his own magazine desgned by another fellow Muser, Nancy Cavanaugh, called Flash Tales. Congrats Mike!

Congratulations to all the winners, but more importantly, congratulations go out to all the nominees. Your dedication to your profession is truly something to be proud of.
Until next year, I want to wish everyone continued success!
Lea Schizas

The voting polls are now closed. Thank you for participating. Stay tuned for the results to be announced in a couple of weeks.
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